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Glamping Planning Permission:-
Almost everyone setting up a new glamping business will require glamping planning permission and at Pennine Pods we have you covered. We offer an in house glamping planning permission solution to ensure your new glamping business setup goes as smoothly as possible.

Do I Need Glamping Planning Permission:-
The most likely scenario is that you will need planning permission for your new glamping pod(s). There are a couple of scenarios that would exempt you from needing planning permission that we will discuss now.
If your pod is in the garden of your house and you will be using it as an addition to the house, it is exempt from planning permission requirements. In this scenario, the pod is seen as an addition to your house only and the local council do not need informed of such a pod. Be careful with this however, if you plan on renting this pod out for financial gain, you do require full glamping planning permission.

The other scenario in which you are exempt from planning is if the pod is a 'temporary' structure and you plan on renting it out for less than 28 days a year. The term 'temporary' is a very grey area and if you are looking to rent pods out, 28 days a year is not very much at all, so we avoid steering clear of this.
In all other circumstances, you will require full glamping planning permission and we can assist with this.

Glamping Planning Permission Process:-
At Pennine Pods we suggest a 3 stage process. Step 1 - initial concept design, step 2 - pre-planning application and step 3 - full planning application. Each of the steps has a different benefit.
The main benefit of the initial concept design stage is that we work with you to set out your site exactly as you desire. This will be done in AutoCAD and will include a background created with satellite imagery for precision layouts. This will ensure we can fit in exactly what you're planning into where you're planning it.
The main benefit of the pre-planning application is that we can try to get the local council on board with the project. A pre-planning application is essentially you are asking the council for their advice on your thoughts (that we developed in the initial concept design). It is human nature to be more favourable to someone if they have asked for your advice before doing something and it's the same when submitting a full planning application, if you have asked for pre-planning advice first, you are more likely to get it through. Pennine Pods can complete this full process for you.
The benefit of a full glamping planning permission application is that you will be allowed build your site. You will also have peace of mind that your site design is safe and up to scratch. At Pennine Pods, we can help you through this entire process, completing all required drawings and submissions to get your new glamping site off the ground.

Starting Your Glamping Business:-
At Pennine Pods we can also help you start your glamping business. There are a number of different aspects to starting a glamping business the planning permission process is only one of them. There is also the build process and the art of getting customers.
We can help with the build process of your new glamping site, completing water and power applications and building warrant applications. We can also project manage the entire build of your site if required. Ask us more about these services today!
The final (and maybe most important) aspect of starting your glamping business is getting customers. The best way to get bookings is with a website and autonomous booking system. Once again this is something, we can do in house to help you get going. Once you have somewhere for people to book, you need to get people there. That is done with social media and marketing. This will drive customers to your website to book. Ask us about any of these services today!

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