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Multitherm is the perfect solution for floating structures, be it a home or a pontoon, due to the materials we use. The core material is dense foam, then the outer being fibreglass infused making the structures strong, robust, durable, but best of all lightweight, then we encase the outer shell in a fully watertight topcoat to give the product its longevity. For many years boats and lifeboats have been made in a similar way and they sit in salt water for the majority of their life. We are able to add additional strength where required, whilst still keeping the structure lightweight unlike some of the floating homes that can weigh up to 80 tons. Our panels are totally impervious to rot, mould and condensation making them the ideal component for the floating structure of your choice.

We have designed and manufactured a matrix system to be added to the base of floating structures as standard. The reason being is that these structures can be unstable once internal fixtures and fittings have been added i.e. kitchen, bathroom and other furniture, and can be heavier on one side than the other. If this happens then we add more components to the matrix to counteract this process.

- Floating homes.
- House boats.
- Pontoons.
- Floating glamping pods.

" Construction is a similar way to lifeboats "


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