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By using Multitherm for a Granny Annexe, Grandparent Annexe or Garden room , we have created a structure that does not require planning permission as it is classed as a MOBILE HOME. We are able to manufacture one of the most versatile and thermally efficient structures on the market, by using dense foam as our core material and then infusing fibreglass to both sides.

We are able to create a structure that has unlimited benefits to others on the market:-

  • Lower than other annexes.
  • One of the highest thermally efficient.
  • Strong.
  • Versatile.
  • Little to no maintenance required for first 20 years.
  • No foundation required.
  • Full wet-room as standard.
  • One complete bonded unit throughout.
  • No air gaps = No heat loss = Low running costs.
  • Easy access for wheelchairs.

Residential annexes are sometimes called a “granny annexe”, they are a common form of development that is generally proposed in order to allow relatives to live with their family with a degree of independence. In many cases, such proposals are considered to be acceptable by the council.

Multitherm Annexes and Garden Rooms are ideal for a garden development:-
- Classed as a structure and not a building.
- Are portable/mobile, capable of being moved.
- No foundation required.
- For human habitation.
- The caravan act allows a Certificate of Lawfulness.
- Building regs NOT required as they are classed a Mobile Home.
- Exempt from council tax.

Our structures are classed as a Portable Garden Buildings and classed as Permitted Development and do NOT require planning permission as long as: The building is to be placed less than 2.0m from the boundary of the property with a maximum overall height of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level.

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Full Turnkey Service Available

Reverse panel technology

Multitherm (uk) manufacture granny annexes from basic to bespoke models. Minimum maintenance, high thermal efficiency, so you can enjoy life and not have to continuously maintain them.



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